1. Why should I choose your agency?
    We listen to our customer’s needs and match a suitable helper according to the employer’s requirements.
    We have more than 100 over biodatas directly from the Training Centres to suit employer’s needs.
  2. Which nationality maids do you have?
    We have Indonesian, Myanmarese, Manipur, Mizoram and Filipino maids.
  3. Are your maids trained?
    Our girls undergo training in our Training Centre and they have classes for English, cooking & housekeeping.The girls learn to use various electrical appliances and chores such as ironing, vacuum, dusting and etc.
  4. If I’m a first time employer, what’s the procedure?
    You have to attend the Employer’s Orientation Programme (EOP) before you can apply for the approval.
    We will guide you through the process.
  5. If I have a problem with my helper, do you provide counselling?
    Our maids are well trained and usually are able to adapt to the local lifestyle.
    In the event of miscommunications we would counsel the girls and resolve any disputes.
  6. What is the process to get a helper?
    The employer can shortlist a few helpers from our biodata.
    We would then arrange for an interview and the employer can decide on their preferred helper. After selection, the documentation process begins with the application of In-Principle Approval (IPA).
  7. How are the interviews conducted?
    Skype or Telephone interviews at the comfort of employer’s premises.
  8. How long does it take for a maid to arrive in Singapore after confirmation?
    It takes about 2 weeks to 2 months for Indonesian, Myanmar, Manipur & Mizoram maids. It takes about 6 – 8 weeks for Filipino maids to arrive.
  9. What are the costs involved in hiring a helper?
    There is Agency fees (depending on the nationality) and documentation fee for SIP, Work Permit, Issuance, Medical check up, Airport pickup & lodging. Our package fees include everything with no hidden fees.
    The placement fees varies for each nationality.
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