About Us

5175191Unistarr Employment provides Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) from Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

We have New, Transfer, Experienced in Singapore and Experienced in overseas FDWs. We are a licensed maid agency approved by Ministry of Manpower (Singapore). We are have accreditation
from Indonesian Embassy. Our FDWs are from licensed overseas agents with training centres equipped with the necessary requirements.

Unistarr is formed by a group of professionals to provide quality service to employers seeking FDWs. The team identified many employers lamenting about their FDWs and it was usually a case of mismatch since the requirements of the employers’’ were not met. Unistarr prioritized the needs of the employers’ above all to enhance the situation.

Our Services
We pay close attention to the requirements of employers and understand their needs first before the selection process. A checklist will be compiled during the pre-assessment with the employers.

Our FDWs are carefully selected to suit employers’ requests and are available for interview through telephone and/or Skype. Upon confirmation the FDWs will be briefed on their respective duties and undergo further training to familiarize them to their job scope.

After Service
Unistarr focuses on “after sales service” to our Employers.
All our FDWs undergo mentoring and counseling before placement and the service is extended to employers during the period of the contract.

Our staff will follow up with employers on the progress of the FDW after placement to ensure there is a smooth transition.
We provide Employers with solutions to move forward and resolving miscommunication between the Employer & FDW.

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